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Have You Been Accused Of Professional Malpractice?

Don Karotkin offers quality malpractice defense to professionals, including physicians, dentists, lawyers and others. An allegation of malpractice is a legal matter, not a medical or dental problem as many health care professionals may think. He helps professionals who are sued for malpractice. His extensive legal experience and access to experts in every specialized area of medicine, dentistry and law enable him to provide his clients with effective representation.

To learn how Don helps professionals who are facing lawsuits and allegations of negligence, contact him. He offers free initial consultations and a fair, frank, and objective assessment of your case. Based in Houston, Don offers representation statewide.

Comprehensive Malpractice Defense

He represents professionals from a range of disciplines, including medicine, dentistry, nursing and law. An allegation of professional malpractice presents a financial threat and possible license revocation. He understands the concerns his clients have, and focuses on resolving matters effectively and efficiently.

Texas Medical Malpractice Allegations

Don appreciates the just pride that flows from the immense accomplishment of becoming a physician or surgeon and dedicating oneself to the preservation of human life and the relief of human suffering. He has empathy for the feelings of anxiety, embarrassment, hurt and anger that accusations of medical malpractice invariably cause. To him, the representation of medical professionals in malpractice actions is not just a business; it is an honor that carries with it an enormous responsibility, one which Don pledges to fulfill with diligence, integrity and compassion for his clients. His guiding light is the welfare of the client, not his own.

Texas Dental And Legal Malpractice Lawyer

Allegations of dental malpractice can arise when a patient is unhappy with the results of an orthodontic, cosmetic, or implant procedure. Fee disputes also frequently give rise to claims of malpractice. Don ensures that his clients’ reputations, licenses and fortunes are protected. He effectively defends his colleagues who have been accused of legal malpractice.

Contact Don’s firm to learn how Don Karotkin can help. Call 888-627-9213.