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Capable Handling of Appeals

After the trial court has rendered a final judgment, either party or both may appeal. Whether you are attacking a judgment against you or defending one in your favor, you need an experienced civil appellate lawyer. Before selecting an appellate lawyer, you should discuss your choices with your trial lawyer.

For over 35 years, Don has handled almost all of the appeals of cases he has tried that have been appealed. Don has handled the appeals in twelve reported and seven unreported cases, the first of which concluded in 1976 and the last of which is currently pending and expected to conclude in 2018.

Experience And Insight

Appellate work is extremely detail-oriented and requires knowledge of both appellate procedure and the substantive law that applies to the case. Skill and experience in legal research and appellate brief writing is usually critical. In some cases, the appellate court hears oral arguments from counsel, so oral advocacy skills are also important. Don is experienced in and knowledgeable about all of these phases of appellate work.

Appeals In Cases Other Lawyers Have Tried

Don is ready, willing and able to handle the appeal of a case he did not try. There is no requirement that you use the same lawyer who tried your case to handle the appeal of it. Trial work and appellate work generally involve different skill sets. Not every good trial lawyer is a good appellate lawyer and the converse is also true. Helping You From Beginning to End

Don is dedicated to aggressively pursuing a resolution to your case, from initial filing through arguing the final appeal. For more information about appeals or any of the other types of cases Don Karotkin handles, call 888-627-9213 or email the firm now.